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UGS Europe competencies
  • Engineering
  • Design
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • EPCM contracts
  • Turn-key projects
  • Aftersales support
  • Service, training
  • Consulting
  • R&D

Vladimir Shulmeister
Member of the board, UGS Europe
«The principal of UGS is working at the forefront of the Energy Transition for decades across the industry leaders. The UGS Europe team shares a passion for bringing expertise, disruptive new technologies, operational excellence, customer intimacy and deep experience-based industry knowledge to the gas separation».

Our products:

Biogas upgrading systems

Feed gas:
  • Biogas
Product gas:
  • Biomethane
  • CO₂-rich gas
Separation technologies:
  • Membrane
  • Adsorption (PSA)
Biomethane application:
  • Injecting into the national gas grid
  • Using as vehicles fuel (CNG/LNG)
How It Works
(CH₄ > 50%; CO₂ < 50%)
  • From organic waste
  • From energy crop
  • From landfill gas
  • From wastewater treatment plant
UP TO 99,95%
(RECOVERY >99.95%)
  • Injecting into the national gas grid
  • Using as vehicles fuel (BioCNG)
  • Using as vehicles fuel (BioLNG)
Biomethane application
Biomethane has similar characteristics to natural gas, in addition, its combustion characteristics (calorific value, Wobbe number, etc.) can be adapted to the conditions of local natural gas grid.

Biomethane can be used for the same purposes as natural gas:
Electricity generation;
Heat generation;
Transport (CNG, LNG).

Types of biogas upgrading systems by technology


  • The most efficient solution for small and medium plants
  • High methane yield
  • System modularity
  • Fast start-up of system
  • 2-3 -stage membrane gas separation process
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  • The most efficient solution for large plants and landfill gas upgrading
  • Removal of all impurities: CO₂, N₂, O₂
  • Low requirements for feed gas composition
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  • Maximum operational efficiency from the combination of membrane and PSA technologies
  • Removal of all impurities: CO₂, N₂, O₂
  • Low requirements for feed gas composition
  • High methane yield
  • High system flexibility
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Michael Gulyansky
Member of the board, UGS Europe
«UGS Europe team is committed to providing reliable and efficient solutions based on our extensive experience in gas separation.
Our mission is to provide innovative products and sustainable technology, strive for excellence in everything we do and exceed customer expectations».

Biogas upgrading plant

Designed by UGS Europe

  • Upgrade biogas to biomethane, depending on the requirements/needs of the consumer;
  • Operational reliability and resistance to failures (proven design solutions);
  • Quick installation and extensions (module container setup);
  • Simple operation and automation of the plant;
  • Fast start-up of system;
  • Delivery time <8 months;
  • Long service life of the plant;
  • Low operating costs.
  • 1 year mechanical warranty with optional prolonged guarantees

Our equipment delivers dependable ROI to your project. We can design and build your system to achieve the optimum balance of Carbon Intensity and Operational Effectiveness.

Typical biogas upgrading processes are well-known, but not always well-executed. Maximizing biogas process performance requires expertise. This is the UGS Europe difference.

How we are working
Analysis of consumer needs and project objectives to find the optimal solution.
Engineering & Design
Engineering and design of the proposed solution including the specifics of the project.
Start up
Supply of equipment, installation and start-up of the plant. Monitoring the achievement of the declared indicators.
After-sales service to ensure high efficiency and reliability of the equipment.
UGS Leadership Team
  • Marc Straub

    President, UGS

    Dipl. Ing. (Master) Process Engineering from Tübingen in Germany. 30 years experience in Gas Separation, Generation and Compression in the field of R&D, Manufacturing, Project Management, Sales and Process Design utilizing PSA and Membrane technologies. Most recently as VP of Technology and General Manager Membranes at GENERON IGS in Pittsburg, CA.

  • George Paul

    CEO, UGS

    George brings more than 30 years of engineering, technology and leadership in complex gas separations engineering and business development. He is a globally recognized expert in membranes, adsorption, compression, refrigeration, catalytic processes, metallurgy and fabrication. He has designed, bult and commissioned Syngas units, Ammonia plants, Acid gas treatment units and natural gas processing facilities around the world.
  • Dr. Ben Bikson

    Chief Technology Officer, UGS

    Dr. Bikson is the globally recognized leader in membrane technologies and associated applications. Ben has founded and sold two technology platforms/membrane businesses to Air Liquide including the technologies used in most cleantech applications by the global leader in membrane technologies. Ben leads all R&D efforts within UGS. Ben holds nearly a hundred patents in membrane technology.

  • Michael Gulyansky
    Member of the board, UGS Europe
    Engineer-Physicist, Ph.D. Founder and Chairman of Grasys since 2000, Founder and Director of Porogen Corp. (Boston, Massachusetts) from 2008 to 2015. 21 years experience in management and business development, engineering and manufacturing of gas separation equipment. 15 years expertise in new membranes development from material science to industrial scale.

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